After much discussion and reflection, Leadership Buckhead Board of Directors has decided it best not to select a new class for 2021. We believe this decision honors our values as an organization, maintains the integrity of our program, respects the facts as we understand them relative to COVID-19, and, most importantly, prioritizes the safety of everyone in the Leadership Buckhead family.

Despite our selections process being postponed, we will be accepting ongoing nominations for the Class of 2022. As you think of people in your network who would be an excellent addition to the next class, or if you would like to self-nominate, please email

Be sure to include the person’s name, email address and a brief statement about why you feel they should be a part of the next class. Anyone who was already nominated for this year will receive an invitation to apply next year.

We look forward to finding out who the “Best Class” will be in the upcoming future.

Thank you for your interest in Leadership Buckhead and understanding of this decision, as we endeavor to ‘develop leaders from the inside out’.